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Cattle Scale Upgrades - Scintex Series X-1

Scintex in its ongoing commitment to the Australian cattle industry has brought out a raft of new developments for it's range of cattle scales and livestock weigh beams. These include a newly designed stainless steel digital monitor with full water and dust proofing. Improvements to the leads with Hirschmann style plugs again giving better crush resistance and water proofing. In terms of programming, the scales now incorporate a variable sensitivity animal hold function. This allows the user to get accurate readings from even the most active beast being weighed.

Series X-1 Upgrades 

October 2015 sees the release of the Series X-1 Cattle Scales. These cattle scales have had a number of further upgrades from all the great changes that were made earlier in the year. 

New name means a new look: The latest range of cattle scales have not only been upgrades in many subtle ways but these weigh beams have also had a style change. The new orange and black colour scheme is to help make the Scintex cattle scales really stand out!

Scintex Cattle Scales and Weigh Beams

Robust monitor carry case: The X-1 series has also improved the protection for the Scale monitor. As the monitor is designed to be transported away from the scales so that it can be charged and we have now provided a ruggedised carry case so that it can be safely transported away from the weigh beams

Scintex ruggedised Cattle Scales monitor  


Improved Warranty: We have been so happy with the longevity of the whole range of Scintex Cattle Scales that we have improved the warranty offering. Over the original 12 Month warranty we are now offering a total of 3 years warranty. This gives you plenty of piece of mind in your purchase.


Upgraded Stainless Steel Scale Monitor

Construction: Scintex has moved from an injection moulded plastic display enclosure to a durable 316 stainless steel monitor casing. This will add improved shock resistance and durability. Also, impervious to corrosion. 

Digital Cattle Scale Monitor

Water / dust proofing: A twin lipped seal has been used to seal the scale monitor giving a higher water proof and dust ingress rating. Protecting the circuitry in cattle yard environments is essential.

Farm scales weighing

Removable mounting foot: The monitor now incorporates a stainless steel foot mount which differs from the pole mount system many lower quality scales employ. This allows quick and easy removal of the scale display so it can be stored safely at home and removed for charging when required.

Livestock weigh beams

Cattle crush scales

Improved circuitry: The proprietary Scintex scale circuit board now includes a setting lock function which is internal to the indicator casing. This means no unwanted adjustments can be made to the scales. For calibration and setting changes simply move the jumper over to the ON position.

cattle load beams

Simple Calibration:  An improved calibration curve allows the user to generate an accurate calibration with a single known weight. As long as you have a weight which is 10% or greater of the max. weighing capacity then you can calibrate the scales with a few simple clicks.

Easy to read LCD screen:  An improved back lit LCD screen gives better readability in bright light. The monitor can also be set to auto adjust the back light to the environment.

Cattle crush weighing system

Heavy duty buttons: Buttons tested to over 100,000 presses will mean these scales will stand the test of time. This is a common failure point on even some of the bigger brand names.

Digital cattle scales computer

Improved Leads and Plugs

Steel lined core: The leads are now stainless steel lined core coated with polypropylene. This gives greater crush resistance and prevents electrical or magnetic interference.

Hirschmann style plugs: The plugs where the leads join the scales and the display monitor have been upgraded to the water & dust proof plugs. The connections are threaded with screw locks and dust caps. Such plugs drastically reduce the chances or fouling the terminals and causing connection problems.

Cattle yard scale for weighing cows

cow bull steer weighing scale

Simplified Hold Function

The Scintex monitor now incorporates an animal lock or hold function. This is an automatic feature with five settings determining the sample speed. This allows the user to easily snap off a beast’s weight and hold this for recording while the next beast is loaded. The fast sample speed can be used for highly active or fast moving cattle, whereas the slow speed will allow a highly accurate weight for quieter animals.

For more information on the Scintex cattle scales and load beams.

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