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Order online or call 1300 246 406

Scintex “Mountain Goat” Motorized Wheelbarrow

Review of the Motorized Barrow, Mini Loader & Mini Dumper

Scintex has developed and engineered the Mountain Goat power barrow to withstand some harsh punishment. All parts and components are spec’d with heavy duty use in mind. Having sold these units to the construction and mining services industries as well as for use by landscapers and gardeners we understand that customers will push the limits with regards to load capacity. Rated for 300kg the mini dumper will handle everything from bricks and cement to soil and feeds.

Motorized Wheel Barrow Muck Truck

Operating the Mini Dumper

The controls for the motorized barrow were designed to be simple yet provide all the functionality required to get the most out it. Starting is made easy with the high end Honda engine. There’s no ON / OFF switch or ignition, simply push the throttle forward to choke and pull the starter cord. Most times one pull is all you need. This starting system offers the best reliability over electronic ignitions with starter motors. No need to worry about flat batteries! Once started, an appropriate RPM level can be selected with the hand throttle. The gearbox configuration is 4 forward gears and 1 reverse gear with a neutral position inbetween. A gear is selected while the dumper is stationary, then to start motion engage the clutch pulley by squeezing the clutch lever. While the clutch lever is engaged the power barrow drive wheels will receive power, however this also acts as a safety feature as the motorized barrow will stop if the operator lets go of the handle. Steering the Honda barrow is similar to steering a standard wheel barrow. Using the two handles exert force in either direction and the barrow will turn. Due to the load balancing and front differential steering is easy even with a full load. Tipping the load from the barrow utilizes a similar counter balance design, with the load sitting over the rotation point of the bucket. Pull the unload handle in to unlock the bucket, then with a sharp jolt the bucket will tip and unload from the front of the mini loader.

Power Wheel Barrow Tipper Dumper

Motorised Barrow Implements & Accessories

The Mountain Goat Mini Dumper has several optional accessories which further expand the possible uses. A plough blade can be fitted to the front of the bucket. This implement runs on wheels and has a thick rubber flap at the bottom of the blade. The angle of the blade can be controlled by the operator using the leverage handle on the side of the barrow. This barrow implement lends itself to many uses from levelling top soils to spreading mulch, even clearing snow from paths and car parks. By removing the bucket a flat bed can installed. These are ideal for moving objects that are too large for the bucket, such as tools, wood, feeds and hay to name a few. The flat bed can also be tipped in the same fashion as the standard bucket. Again, with the bucket removed a tow hitch with tow ball can be installed to the front of the power dumper. This can be used for moving trailers, caravans and boats around in tight areas where your vehicle can’t reach.

Mini Dumper BarrowMini Loader BarrowMuck Truck Barrow

Maintenance & Servicing

Maintenance is minimal on the Scintex motorized wheelbarrow. See the maintenance schedule below. By using quality components service intervals are drastically reduced. A grease packed, sealed gearbox and differential are service free. Being dual chain drive, there is easy access to lubricate the chains. Regular adjustments to the control levels will allow for optimal operation. The Honda engine is easy to service, with 50 hour oil changes and easy access to air filters and spark plugs.

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