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Order online or call 1300 246 406

New Agricultural Products

The Agricultural range of products have been incredibly popular since their release 18 months ago. We have recently added a number of new products to the line-up to help expand this great product line.


Walk Behind Seeder & Fertiliser

Walk Behind Broadcast seeder - Scintex

The Walk behind seeder is perfect for a huge range of tasks. It will happily fertilise your front yard or help you spread seed over a few acres. This broadcast seeder can spread seed up to 5m wide and will work at up to 8 Km/h offering you the ability to cover ground at a reasonable rate. The Scintex Fertiliser and Seeder can carry up to 50Kg of product, allowing you to cover large areas without the need to refill. This product is ideal for use in small agricultural situations where the larger options are too expensive and or bulky for the operation. Large households will also find this seeder and fertiliser a perfect addition to the household collection.

ATV Sprayer

ATV mounted sprayer - Scintex Trailer Mounted Weed Sprayer - Scintex

 The ATV & trailer chemical sprayer id the perfect way to get rid any weeds or pests on your property. This product uses a 12v pump to make spraying an easy task with minimal effort required, unlike the traditional hand pumping sprayers. The base model is designed to be attached to the back of an ATV or vehicle by the use of two straps, making it easily transferable and portable between vehicles. The spraying unit has been designed to be used with most water based chemicals making it extremely versatile with uses ranging from weed spraying to pest control. The spray unit comes with both a 4 outlet boom for covering large areas and with a handheld sprayer for dealing with smaller areas. The unit can also be supplied on a trailer if you want to attach it to your mower or other small vehicle.

All of the components are made to withstand Australian conditions with heavy duty, UV stabilised polypropylene making up a large percentage of the Scintex ATV Sprayer

ATV Tipping Trailer

 ATV Tipping trailer ATV and Side-By-Side Trailer

This small ATV Tipping Trailer has 101 uses around the farm or household. It is so versatile that it can be towed using the clevis hitch or pushed with the small handle. What is even better is that it only takes a moment to fold the drawbar out or away to change between the two variants. This trailer can comfortably carry up to 350Kg easily allowing you to cart dirt, rocks, hay or other products around the yard. The trailer will also comfortably travel at up to 32Kph so you dont need to sacrifice all of your speed to carry larger loads. These trailers are perfect for expanding the tasks of your ATV or increasing the capacity of your farm side-by-side. For more information please see the full product description.

ATV Disc Harrows

ATV or Tractor Disc Harrow

Harrowing your land before seeding is an arduous task. The Scintex tow behind harrow allows this process to be sped up and done from the back of your ATV. While many tow behind options have been available in the past these have usually been large and expensive and unsuitable for smaller plots of land. The Scintex option is small and versatile as it can be towed by a variety of different vehicles. The Disc Harrow can turn soil up to 4" deep so is perfect for small agricultural uses.

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