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How to avoid becoming infected with the Zika virus

The Zika virus is well reported to be infecting humans since the 1950’s, however has only recently received widespread media coverage due to its prevalence and spread throughout South America.

Mosquito zika virus fogging australia

The virus present symptoms of fever, rash, joint pain, muscle pain, headache. The incubation period is thought to be days or weeks between infection and symptoms showing. The symptoms are said to last days to weeks and rarely result in hospitalization.

The Zika virus resides in the blood of the infected person and can be spread by mosquito bites. Other methods of spread are believed to exist such as sexual transmission however these are yet to be scientifically confirmed.

Zika virus presents a very high concern for pregnant women as the virus is thought to be able to be spread to the fetus. There have been reports of a serious birth defect of the brain called microcephaly in babies of mothers who had Zika virus while pregnant. Knowledge of the link between Zika and birth defects is evolving, but until more is known, special precautions for pregnant women are recommended.

Zika virus baby shrunken head mosquito Australia

There is very little known treatment for the Zika virus. Doctors recommend plenty of rest and fluid intake. Some drugs such as acetaminophen are said to help relieve the head and body aces.

To avoid becoming infected with the Zika virus a number of control methods can be employed such as;

  1. Cover up – wear long sleeves and pants.
  2. Apply insect repellant – up to 40% Deet content is recommended
  3. Avoid the hours where mosquitos are prevalent – dusk and dawn
  4. Avoid travel to countries where Zika virus is prevalent
  5. Employ methods of mosquito control such as thermal or ULV fogging

Mosquito fogging is one method of control often overlooked. Fogging involves spraying large volumes of very fine insecticide droplets into the air which contact and kill the mosquitos. Natural insecticides such as pyrethrum are found to be highly effective and most popular due to the fast knockdown of mosquitos without negative health side effects on humans.


Fogging is most effective at dusk and dawn when mosquitos are highly active. The fogging technique works well with a targeted program as it quickly disrupts the mosquito breading cycle. Fogging has a localized and immediate impact which makes it popular for clearing residential yards prior to backyard events such as BBQ’s and Birthday parties.


Large scale mosquito and insect fogging techniques are often employed by councils and farmers. Industrial foggers are highly effective for these activities as they generate larger volumes of fog in shorter periods of time.


Scintex offers a full range of mosquito foggers in Australia as well as natural pyrethium which is effective in controlling the spread of mosquitos and associated viruses such as Zika. Scintex ships Australia wide and can offer solutions to your mosquito problems.

Further details on the Zika virus can be found by visiting the World Health Organisation website.

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