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Order online or call 1300 246 406
Burgess Mosquito Foggers

Burgess Mosquito Foggers

Scintex Pest Control Products

Burgess mosquito fogger

Scintex has recently become the Australian distributor for the Burgess range of mosquito foggers from the U.S.A. These foggers add to the already extensive range that Scintex carry. For more information on the full range make sure to check out our previous “How to choose the right fogger”

The Burgess Propane Thermal Fogger

Burgess Propane Fogger

The propane thermal fogger is very similar to the butane thermal fogger in the sense that it heats up a coil and you then pump the solution through it. This is a light and portable option and will comfortably do a suburban block of land in no time at all.

This propane powered fogger is the perfect companion for around the house or ideal for going camping. A standard propane tank will keep the fogger going for hours on end, meaning that you won’t require replacements often.

These foggers are also made in the USA meaning that you can expect a top quality product.


The Burgess Professional Fogger

Burgess ULV & Thermal Fogger

This fogger is so versatile it’s not funny. It can be used for both ULV (see more information on ULV) and Thermal fogging and with its 240v connection you don’t need to worry about carrying any additional containers around. Because this fogger can do both ULV and Thermal it also means that it is suited to not only fog mosquitoes outside but also to perform a range of tasks inside, be it pest control, deodorising or anti bacterial to name a few.

This 2-in-1 fogger is still easily useable by any Tom, Dick, Harry or Jane and will allow you to achieve great results every time.

As with the Propane fogger this fogger is also made in the USA

At the end of the day it doesn’t matter which option you go for, all of the Scintex range of mosquito fogger have been tried and test time and time again. It is just about making sure you have the most suitable option for your application. Dont hesitate to contact our sales team with any questions or for their recommendation

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