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Order online or call 1300 246 406.

Fuel Water Absorber Canister Filter

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Quality water absorbing fuel filter elements manufactured by one of the largest filter manufactures in the world. Available in 30 Micron. Ideal for retrofitting to your diesel or petrol engine.

Spin On 8" Diesel or Petrol Fuel Filter Element 30um

These filter elements are designed to adsorb and hold water if it's present in your fuel. As water is absorbed, the fuel flow through the element will reduce and eventually block.

These elements are ideal for applications where you not only want protection from water entering your engine but also the knowledge that's its present. As these elements restrict flow as they block, they are not suited to all applications.

Each element will hold ~150ml of water before blocking. Water-absorbing polymers trap water and prevent it passing the element.

Keeping water from entering your diesel or petrol engine can prevent costly engine and injector damage. These inline filters are simple to retrofit to most engines and offer exceptional protection.

Fuel Filter Specifications:
  • Porosity - 30 Microns
  • Suited to both Petrol and Diesel applications
  • Water Absorption and Blocking Type
  • Removes microscopic particles of contaminants (rust, sand, dirt, scale, and lint) as small as 30um
  • Includes - 1x fuel filter element. Mounting top sold separately.
  • Flow Rate - up to 94 LPM
  • Max. Pressure 50 PSI / 3.4 BAR
  • 1-1/2"-16 UNF filter element threaded connection