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Order online or call 1300 246 406

Thermal Fogger Coil

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This is a replacement coil for your thermal mosquito fogger. A range of coil options exist so be sure to select the right coil for your unit.


Mosquito fogger coil

The coil allows heat from the gas burner to be applied indirectly to the fogging solution. Over time carbon deposits can build up and eventually lead to reduced fog generation and blockage. 

Fogger coil blockage is evident by an increase in back-pressure when you try to pump solution. In some cases the foggers pump can pop off into pieces due to the increased back-pressure as the users attempt to force fluid through a blocked coil.

Return your fogger to new operation again with a clean and clear coil.

Coils to suit:
  • Butane Fogger STHBF01 - short type - post 2016
  • Butane Fogger STHBF01 - long type - pre 2016
  • Burgess Propane Fogger STHPF01