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General Snorkel Install Instructions

We have supplied this general set of snorkel fitting instructions to help with installation of your snorkel. Please note we don't advertise our snorkels with fitting instructions and these may not apply directly to your vehicle. We highly recommend all snorkels be professionally installed.

For an in-depth video showing the steps of a snorkel install see the following Youtube video.


The following install is performed on a Prado 120 Series and is a very standard type of snorkel installation. Some vehicles will require additional modifications to be performed. This is a completely normal part of snorkel installs and is not a sign there is a problem with your snorkel kit.

Additional modifications on some vehicles include:

1) Having to relocate side indicators. The position of the new indicator will be marked on the template. NOTE: This cutout is not used to locate the indicator. This is the position you must move the indicator to.
2) Removing the aerial
3) Relocating batteries - such as on the D22 Dual battery models
4) Relocating the coolant overflow bottle - such as on ML Tritons
5) Moving power steering and brake master cylinder reservoirs
6) Moving ignition coils

Snorkel Install - Toyota Prado 120 Series

1. Out of the box - Check you have all the parts required. Templates are often taped to the inside of the snorkel box.

2. Tools required
• 3" Hole Saw (Match the hole saw to the stub pipe on your snorkel and go a few mm larger. These are available at Bunnings, Trade Tools, Supercheap Auto etc.)
• Hole Punch
• Step Drill up to 16mm
• Rivot Gun
• Paint Brush and Primer (Rust Guard)
• Painters Tape
• Urethane Sealant (Sikaflex is quite good, also other sealants which allow some movement and have at least mild heat resistance)

3. Remove the air filter to reveal the inner guard port

4. Tape the template to the outer guard aligning the straight edges with the back and top lines of the side panel. Do not use any other cut outs to align the template. If your template has a hole marked for the indicator do not use this to align the indicator. This is the new indicator position.

5. Mark, hole punch and drill pilot holes

6. Using hole saw, drill port for air pipe as per the stencil (3” saw used in photo).

Finally with the step drill step out the mounting holes. The washers supplied are quite large to allow for larger mounting holes. This makes snorkel alignment far easier and gives some room for fluctuations in the vehicle, panel, snorkel mould etc. Drill these holes out as required but do not exceed 16mm. REMEMBER to prime these holes with Rust Guard.

7. Partially remove the wheel inner lining to access between the inner and outer guard

8. Fit the interconnecting pipe, hose and clamps while re-fitting the air box. Remember to seal any pipe connections with sealant.

9. Bolt up the snorkel so the upper mount can be located. Mark the holes, drill and pop rivot the upper mounting guard to the A pillar.

10. Finish securing all bolts, fit the top snorkel air ram and reinstall the inner wheel arch lining. Enjoy your new snorkel!

For the full range of Sherpa 4x4 snorkel kits.

It is highly recommended that installation is undertaken by a qualified mechanic or panel beater. We cannot accept responsibility for any damage incurred through fitting of a snorkel to your vehicle. It is the responsibility of the fitter to ensure that particular care is taken when assembling the snorkel kit to the vehicle as it may cause damage to the windscreen and or electrical components. Safe work practices must be used at all times when undergoing installation. Templates and Instructions are provided as a guide ONLY. Always check the hole locations against the snorkel before drilling. Always check that the A pillar mounting bracket will sit correctly given the hole locations. Always check you have the correct snorkel for your vehicle before installation.

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