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Horse & Equine Scale Installation

Scintex horse & equine scales lead the market in terms of durability, accuracy and ongoing development. Popular in the horse racing industry and in use at hundreds of racing tracks, studs and farms. The monitors are stainless steel construction with twin lipped seals to give good dust and water proofing. Easy to read with a bright green, backlit LCD display. Programming wise the scales are simple to use yet offer many advanced features if required. Of note is the animal weight Hold function, when turned on, the scales will automatically take a weight once stable and hold the value. This is great for moving or active horses and gives you time to remove the horse from the scales and then go and record the reading. The platform is heavy duty checker plate steel with powdercoat finish. While a non slip surface, many users opt to put a rubber sheet on top, however this is optional. To level the scales they come with four adjustable feet, these also lift the load cells from the floor. It is advised that installation be done on flat, level cement. The main user assembly to make the final connection of the monitor to the weighing platform. Here is a detailed description of how to do this and options for further sealing.

A full sized PDF for this wiring manual can be found here Horse Scale Install Manual.

Step 1:
Undo the 4 screws holding the cover plate on.

Horse Scales


Equine Scales

Step 2:
Insert a 20mm cable gland into the hole and tighten.

Horse Equipment & Supplies

Step 3:
Remove the junction box cover.

Equine supplies and scales

Step 4: Optional
If you are using a cable gland you may need to trim the cable sheath to allow enough length in the wire to reach the junction box. Trim the cable using this image as a guide.

digital horse scale weighing

Step 5:
Insert the cable through the hole and into the white cable gland in the junction box.

horse scales australia

Step 6:
Connect the wires as per the below table

Plug ID Colour
-S White
 +S Green
-E Black
+E Red

horse supplies australia

Step 7:
Screw on the two cover plates. This is the opposite of disassembly.

Your horse and equine scales are now ready to use! For more information on this product see Scintex Horse Scales.

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