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Order online or call 1300 246 406
Sherpa Grunter Boat Trailer Winches

Sherpa Grunter Boat Trailer Winches

Grunter Electric Boat Trailer Winch

Ideal for boats of all sizes, this Australian designed trailer winch is new to the market and set to be a game changer. With its oversized 6hp motor, purpose built gearbox and a host of high end componentry, it will quickly retrieve your boat with ease.

Sherpa 4x4 engineers developed this winch due to the high level of complaints from the public about other electric boat winch brands and their lack of reliability and power. “Customers were sick of slow retrievals on the ramp, breakdowns and the pressure of other boaties queueing, they wanted a better solution”.

The Grunter winch is fast, retrieving boats up to 5,500kg. Lighter boats still benefit from a winch of this caliber and will be on the trailer in record times.  The oversized motor is a key difference to other boat trailer winches and means the winch can deliver much greater power without overheating.

The build quality of these winches will amaze customers. No expense has been spared with 316 marine grade components, heavy duty motor windings, solid cut gears and 800 Amp rated relay provided by Albright International UK. The designers note, “We could have built this winch for half the price with half the reliability, but why do it? There are already a host of unreliable, cheap winches on the market, it’s about time someone built something that performs and will last”.

The boat trailer winch comes with everything needed to mount and wire to your vehicle including the electrical cabling to run from your vehicles engine bay to the tow ball with heavy-duty connectors. A waterproof wired remote control is included and an optional wireless control kit is also available separately. The unit is topped off with a 5yr warranty giving consumers piece of mind they are buying quality.

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Available through Sherpa 4x4 and select Tackle World stores.

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