Tractor Backhoe Excavator May 11 2021

Paddock Machinery have newly released a PTO tractor backhoe. An ideal implement for farmers, acreage owners and construction businesses. Powered by the tractor's power take off (PTO) this backhoe simply attaches to the three point linkage of your tractor. Suitable for Cat I or II tractors. The hydraulics required to operate the backhoe are mounted on board with a top of the line PTO hydraulic pump providing the power.

A multi-use piece of equipment, the tractor backhoe is ideal for excavation and earth moving projects. Dig ditches or trenches, lay cables or piping, clean out dams or water holes, do landscaping or gardening, break up paving or asphalt, build fences and stock more. The design incorporates safety features such as a seat belt, roll over guards and hydraulic stabiliser legs.

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Tractor Backhoe Excavator