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Diaphragm Sludge Slurry Pump

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Built to handle the pumping of dirty waters from sumps, pits, basements and building sites, these diaphragm style pumps feature some unique features not seen on centrifugal style pumps making them ideal for sluge and slurry service. Coupled to quality Honda GX series commercial engines, these pump sets are exceptional quality and built to last.

PADDOCK Machinery pumps, tractors, agriculture, slurry pumps

Paddock™ Engine Driven Slurry Pump

PADDOCK delivers a diaphragm style pump which is different to the commonly seen centrifugal style pump. This unique design is suited to a wide range of applications and performs exceptionally well in services other pumps struggle.

Diaphragm Pump Features:
  • Genuine Honda GX series commercial 4-stroke engines
  • Quality Japanese pump castings and assembly
  • Robust diaphragms and seals
  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • Easy access to spares and consumable parts
  • 2 yr warranty
Engine driven diaphragm applications
  • Suits general water transfer
  • Excellent performance in dirty fluid and slurry applications
  • Can be run dry for extended periods without risk of damage

Diaphram pumps are completely different to centrifugal style pumps. Rather then having a impeller which rotates at high speed to generate flow, the diaphragm style of pump uses one-way valves on the suction and discharge, in combination with a diaphram which rises and falls to draw in and discharge fluid. The diaphragm pump operates a little like the human heart only much less complicated. In fact, diaphragm pumps are sort after for their low complexity and simple servicability by unskilled labour.

The diaphragm pump is not damaged if left to run dry. The diapgrahm continues to rise and fall just without fluid being pumped. This makes them ideal for pumping slow filling sumps over the course of a day. Where a centrifugal pump might pump the pit dry and then burn out the seals, the diaphraghm pump simply unloads and continues cycling without harm. As fluid reaches the suction line it will be drawn into the pump and discharged.

The moving parts of the diaphragm pump run slow in comparison to a rotating impeller, meaning there is less wear and errosion when pumping dirty fluids and slurries. This makes this style of pump ideal for building and construction sites where conditions can vary day to day. These pumps are ideal for flood recovery and clean up and are difficult to destroy.

The pump flowrate is proportional to the engine RPM meaning you can turn the pump right down to a slow speed and still get effective fluid transfer. This can result in quieter operation in sensative areas and allows the user to match the pumps speed to the conditions and increase overall efficiency.

Diaphragm pumps won't achieve the same high flowrates as a centrifugal style of pump nor will they achieve exceptionally high discharge heads. These pumps will discahrge to respectable elevations which suit most transfer operations but care does need to be taken when making the selection. This pump is not the most efficient solution for large, bulk water transfers between dams, although it will perform this task at a lower speed. These pumps are ideal for moving low quality water from pits as they fill.

Optional Extras: Hoses, Fittings & Camlocks

Scintex can supply a range of hose and fittings options to suit these pumps. Our range of suction, discharge and lay flat hoses are available here. For inlet strainers and check valves see here. For camlock fittings in aluminium and stainless steel see here. Scintex is happy to help advise with the set up of these pumps and supply any fittings, hose or clamps you may require.

Specification SPDP50HX SPDP80HX
Inlet / Outlet 50mm (2") 80mm (3")
Flow Rate 125 L/min 250 L/min
Discharge Lift 16 m 16 m
Suction Lift 8 m 8 m
Diaphragm Buna N Rubber Buna N Rubber
Solids handling capacity 25 mm 31 mm

Honda GX 120 4 Stroke

Honda GX 160 4 stroke

Fuel tank capacity 2 L 3.1 L
Run time per tank 2 hrs at full load 2.2 hrs at full load
Starter Recoil Recoil

Hose couplings and clamps

Suction strainer

Hose couplings and clamps

Suction strainer

Dimensions (LxWxH) 614 x 370 x 510mm 660 x 420 x 540mm
Weight 38 kg 45 kg
Warranty 2 yrs 2 yrs
Origin Japan Japan


These pumps can be shipped Australia wide and are also available for pick up from our Brisbane warehouse. Due to the high weight for these products we advise contacting us for a accurate freight quote to your location as the shipping estimator can sometimes over or under estimate.