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Order online or call 1300 246 406

Diesel Transfer Pump 56L/min

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These are high quality diesel transfer pumps capable of continuous operation. No more duty cycles to contend with, these pumps have large motors which run cool making them ideal for larger transfers.  

Continuous duty 56L/min diesel transfer pumps

  • Ideal for large machinery loading 
  • Permanently mount in the back of your ute or trailer for fast diesel fill operations

Bolt in replacement for your 200L, 400L and 1,000L Paddock diesel storage tank.

Pumping for extended periods with low voltage DC motors is generally difficult and always expensive. These pumps offer an affordable alternative to some of the more expensive solutions on the market with large motors designed for extended run times. They are a sliding vane style of pump meaning they are positive displacement offering a balance between high flow rates and good discharge pressures.

Each pump features an internal bypass valve which allows short term 'dead heading' of the pump without causing damage. This feature is perfect for refueling operations where an automatic nozzle might be used or where there is a short walk from the on/off switch to the location you're actually filling. Allowing the pump to recirculate on its internal bypass means the pump is not stalled and the motor is not damaged. Note: it is not recommended to run the pump for extended periods on the internal bypass as the energy from the pump will eventually cause the diesel to heat which can damage pumps seals.

These pumps are a bolt in replacement for the units that come standard on the PADDOCK 200L, 500L and 1,000L ute packs. Always use these pumps with 1" suction and discharge hoses to ensure optimal performance. 

 Refuelling Pump Specifications

Specification Value
Transfer capacity 56 L/min free flow
Inlet / Outlet 1" BSP female thread


12V DC

Consumption ~20A 
Motor 0.18 kW, self vented, dust protected, continuous duty
Rating IP55
Construction Cast iron pump with anti-corrosion treatment
Suction Lift 2.7 m
Discharge Head 12 m
Compatible Fluids


Fluid Temp. -20 to 60C

Internal re-circulation bypass

Rust protection treatment

Quality construction


 12 months

Weight ~8 kg
Boxed Dimensions

 320 x 200 x 230mm (length x width x height)