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Digital Level Display Controller

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This digital display is ideal for users to connect to down hole well pressure sensors to monitor and help control the water level. Built in relays can be used to help start and stop pumps or trigger alarms. Capable of running off 24V power or 240V, these units are very capable and versitile.

Well Water Level Transmitter 

This display is ideal for a range of applications including being well suited to remote, well bore hole water level monitoring. Capable of accepting a 4-20mA input signal from a pressure sensor, this transmitter will convert the signal to a easy to understand level and even show a visual representation of the level you are measuring.

These units can be powered from either a 24V DC power supply such as 2 x 12V batteries (in series) or you can connect to common 240V AC power if it's available.

The unit can be used as a process controller and the inbuilt relays can help turn pumps on and off at different level set points. 

The controller also have a range of communication protocols, Modbus, RS-485 and RS-232 if you need to monitor your well's water level via remote telemetry.

Digital Controller Specifications
Description Value
Power Supply DC 20 ~ 29V
Power Consumption <5W
Accuracy 0.2% full scale ±1
Display Range -1999 ~ 9999 display range
0 ~ 100% measured value lightness bargraph display;
LED display for working state
Input Impedance

Current ≤250Ω

Voltage ≥500KΩ

Maximum input current ≤30mA
Maximum input
Output load capability

Current ≤500Ω

Voltage ≥250 KΩ

Thermocouple ≤30mA

Relay  AC220V/0.6A
Working environment
Ambient temperature: 0 ~ 50 ℃;
Relative humidity: ≤ 85% RH;
Far from strong corrosive gases

Standard MODBUS communication protocol,

RS-485, communication distance up to 1 km,

RS-232 ,communication distance up to 15 meters
Note: While with communication function, the communication converter should be a active one.

Controller Outside Dimensions

80 x 160 x 110mm

Cut out 76 x 152mm

Weatherproof rating Nil, must be installed inside enclosure or out of direct weather and elements such as rain and full sun
Warranty 12 Months


These displays are compatible with many brand sensors on the market including these deep well sensors.