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Fuel Temperature Gauge Kit

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Monitor your fuel temperature with this easy to install inline kit. Suitable for use with all fuels but particularly popular for vegetable oil (SVO) conversions where injecting the oil at the correct temperature is necessary. Also, a good accessory when running biodiesel in common rail diesels.

Digital Fuel Temperature Gauge

12V and 24V options

Digital thermometer and process monitor. Displays in Celsius or Fahrenheit. Its compact size makes it easy to fit in anywhere. This meter is great for automobile applications because it is can be powered directly by the car battery. Its bright LED display is easy to read from a distance as compared with many dim LCD type digital thermometers. The meter has a programmable alarm that can be set as high limit or low limit alarm. The alarm is displayed on the front panel with bright Red LED that is very noticeable. The alarm signal can also be sent out from the built-in relay. It can turn on a buzzer or a cooling device such as an additional thermo fan.

This kit is popular with SVO conversions. Users can measure the oil temperature just prior to injection to ensure the desired fuel temperature is reached. The controllers built in relay can be used to set-point control electric heaters or turn on/off bypass valves etc.

This fuel temperature gauge kit includes:
  • 1 x Temperature Monitor/Controller (Red Display)
  • 1 x RTD type thermocouple
  • 1 x Stainless adapter tee to suit 3/8" (10mm) fuel hose 
  • 1 x Aluminium enclosure (65x35x100 mm)
Gauge Specifications
Description Value
Power Supply 12V or 24V DC
Power Consumption 2 watt
Sample Rate 4 Sample/sec
Accuracy 0.2% full scale ±1
Display Range -1999 - 9999
Relay Contact Rating 3A@ 220VAC
Controller Outside Dimensions 48 x 24 x 75mm
Aluminium Enclosure Outside Dimensions      65 x 35 x 100mm
LED Display 0.28" Red Colour
Working Condition 0~50°C< 85% RH
Sensor Specifications
Description Value
Sensor Type Platinum 100 ohm (Pt100) RTD
Precission Class B
Mounting Thread 1/8" NPT
Temperature Range -199°C - 250°C
Sensor Length 22mm
Sensor Diameter 6mm
Material 304 Stainless Steel
Cable Length 2 Meters