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PETOL Surgrip Belt Tong

The PETOL BELT TONG casing tong utilizes a lightweight composite strap to provide features that are truly amazing. The strap is actually stronger than chain - and you donot have to worry about rust or corrosion. While torque will vary according to diameter, it can deliver up to 163,000 ft.-lbs. of torque on 72" O.D. pipe. One of the most important features of the strap is that it will not come apart, even when it is broken. Although all tools are safe when used properly, this feature offers added safety in that there are no flying parts if the BELT TONG tool is over-torqued.

The BELT TONG tool is available in five sizes with composite straps to accommodate pipe sizes from 6" to 72" O.D.

The PETOL BELT TONG casing tong is extremely easy to use. The lightweight strap, an adjustable hanger that keeps the tool in perfect balance for easy application and ratcheting, and a pin that quickly latches and unlatches the strap, combine to make operating the tool a snap. In fact, it is so easy only two rig personnel are required.

Each BELT TONG tool comes equipped with two PETOL Diamond Point Inserts which can be quickly changed out when necessary. The SCT1020, SCT1020H, and SCT2036 can be adjusted to grip the main body of the pipe or the pipe upset as needed.

Prior to shipment, every BELT TONG tool is magnetic particle inspected, load tested, and magnetic particle inspected again.

PETOL Surgrip Belt Tong
SCT614H 6" x 14" 13.75" 33" 424 lbs.
SCT1020 9-5/8" x 20" 9.50" 36" 196 lbs.
SCT1020H 9-5/8" x 20" 13.75" 33" 398 lbs.
SCT1838 18" x 38" 12.00" 63" 665 lbs.
SCT2036 18" x 38" 12.00" 33" 320 lbs.
SCT3672 36" x 72" 14.50" 33" 387 lbs.