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Order online or call 1300 246 406.

Petrol Transfer Pump 80L/min

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GESPASA unleaded petrol transfer pumps. When working with petrol great care is required as petrol is classified as a flammable as opposed to diesel which is classified as a combustible. These self priming explosion proof pumps are compatible with both diesel and petrol making them ideal for a range of fueling applications.

Gespasa Petrol Pumps 

Continuous duty 80L/min Petrol Pump in 12V DC or 230V AC

  • Suitable for bulk Petrol / Gasoline and Diesel transfer
  • Free flows of 70-80 LPM 
  • Includes internal re-circulation bypass valve in pump

Note: the motor on these pumps has IECEx certification making them suitable for use and installation in Australian hazardous areas.

These are a sliding vane style pump capable of self priming up to 2.7m in height. Their continuous duty motor will deliver 70-80LPM petrol or diesel transfer. The motor includes an integral on/off switch and each pump is supplied with a 3m lead and Australian plug end.

These are high quality European construction pumps suitable for industrial applications. Also popular on farms and in marine environments due to their high reliability and antirust treatment. Combine these pumps with an in-line micro-filter and you are ready to fuel both diesel and petrol equipment with ease.

The internal re-circulation bypass allows this pump to be used in fueling applications with automatic shut-off and manual shut-off fuel nozzles. Turn the pump on at ground, allowing the pump to 'dead head' against the fuel nozzle, walk to the machine, climb the ladder to access the fuel tank, insert the nozzle and simply pull the trigger. No need for a second person to turn the pump on when the nozzle is inserted. Beware of inferior pumps which don't incorporate internal bypass valves, these will quickly fail as rotary vane pumps are essentially positive displacement pumps and as petrol and diesel is in-compressible, the fluid needs somewhere to go when your nozzle is shut. Pumps without internal bypasses can over-load the motor causing premature failure.

These pumps are continuous duty rated meaning no duty cycle to contend with. Run these pumps 24hrs per day without issues such as overheating. This is especially special for the 12v version as continuous duty 12v motors are hard to come by. These are high quality pumps for industrial applications.  

Specification Value
Transfer capacity 70-80 L/min free flow
Inlet / Outlet 1" BSP female thread or flanges


0.37 kW 230 VAC 50 Hz single-phase EExd


0.37 kW 12VDC EExd


2.3-3.5A (230VAC)

42-50A (12VDC) 


1430 rpm with thermal protector (230VAC)

1650 rpm with thermal protector (12VDC)

Motor zone classification II 2 G Ex dc IIB T4
Rating IP55

IECEx on motor

Certificate available at time of purchase on request

Construction Steel
Suction Lift 2.7 m
Discharge Head 20 m
Compatible Fluids

Diesel and Petrol

Make / Model Gespasa AG-800 (230VAC) AG-900 (12VDC)

On/Off switch

Internal re-circulation bypass

Includes 3m cable and clamps

Rust protection treatment

Quality European construction


 12 months

Weight ~19 kg

~400 x 165 x 155 mm (length x width x height)