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RODEZI Fishing Rod Bullbar Mounts

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RODEZI is a fantastic Australian invention designed to make the transportation of fishing rods, building materials, ski's and kayaks or anything else you can think of safe and easy from your vehicles bullbar or nudge bar. It's fast to mount and extremely strong and versatile. Great for beach and surf fishing from your 4wd vehicle. 

    RODEZI 4wd Bullbar Mounted Accessories

    The RODEZI is a product which mounts to your bullbar or nudge bar and allows a range of products to be transported via a rocket launcher or tee bar style of system. It's simple, neat and fills a large gap in the market for a range of end users including fishers, outdoors and trades people. There are a range of top configurations available to suit everyone. 

    Manufactured from impact resistant, modified glass filled nylon and aluminum, this product is designed for people living and operating around sea breeze and salt water environments. 

    How the RODEZI Carry Bar works for Beach Fishing

    The clamp attaches to your bulbar or nudge bar and is suitable for a maximum diameter 75mm bar. The clamp is made from 2 pieces and bolts together over your bar. It has 3 different sized inserts that can be used to reduce the size so that it fits bars between 45mm( 1 ¾ “) and 75mm (3”).

    The adjustable post quickly attaches to the clamp and allows the height and direction of the rod holder or tee top to be adjusted. The height adjustment allows fishing rods to be carried above the line of vision for the driver and passenger of the vehicle, making the trip safer and more comfortable for all vehicle occupants.

    If you choose the Fish Rod Holder option this attaches to the top of the adjustable post. It's again manufactured from a corrosion free black plastic compound. It will not scratch your rods and reels like aluminum versions on the market. There are ‘V’ shaped cut-outs in the top and bottom of the tubes which hold the reels, allowing your rods to be carried with the reels on top or on the bottom. The V allows reels of different sizes to be carried effectively. There is a cone-lock on the lower part of the rod holder to receive the upper post.

    The rod holder can be swiveled 360 degrees when the cone-lock on either the rod holder or the clamp is loosened. This allows the rods to be inserted from the front of the vehicle, then swung around, locked in place and simply secured at the other end. When removing the rods the reverse is carried out. If the vehicle is on a beach then the rod holder, containing rods, is simply turned to the front and tackle can be worked on and hooks baited, before they are removed from the vehicle. The rods remain easily accessible at any time.

    When you're not using your fishing gear, simply remove the tube and rod top from the saddle. Fitting again at a latter date is fast and simple. Did you know it's illegal to leave your fishing rod holder mounted to your bar without fishing rods fitted? Aluminium rod holders fitted to bullbars can increase injuries during a collision with pedestrians and in Qld can incur a $160 fine. Using the RODEZI, only the saddle remains when the tube and rod top are removed making it extremely safe.

    RODEZI for Trades and Outdoor Adventures

    If you need a rack for carrying timber, pipe, ladders or other long equipment, the T-bar kits are ideal. Mounting to your bullbar or nudge bar is identical to the fishing rod kit described above. Options exist for single or dual posts solutions depending on your intended use. The adjustable pole allows the top tee section to be raised or lowered to match your vehicles existing roof rack and is adjustable between 780mm and 1350mm making it suitable for nudge bar or bullbar mounting. Each tube clamp is good for about 15kg load but if you want to carry more, simply drill and bolt the telescopic steel at you preferred height for a permanent pinned height solution. 


    RODEZI Complete Kit Options  

    • RODEZI Fishing Rack Kit (RER0001) - For the fisherman. Includes clamp, adjustable post and top fish rod holder for up to five fishing rods.