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RTD Temperature Sensor

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This is a 3-wire RTD sensor, PT100, designed to read fluid temperatures between -200 and +250C. Ideal for coolant temperature monitoring, oil temperature and fuel temperature. Hundreds of uses for the automotive, marine, farming and mining industries to name a few.

Liquid Temperature Sensor

These sensors are constructed from a high quality stainless steel outer with a armoured cable. Idea for installation on marine, automotive and fixed petrol and diesel engines for monitoring fluid temperatures such as coolant, oil or fuel. Monitor gearbox oil temperature or even differential oil temperature. The will read accurately up to 250C.

    Sensor Specifications
    Description Value
    Sensor Type Platinum 100 ohm (Pt100) RTD
    Precission Class B
    Mounting Thread 1/8" NPT
    Temperature Range -199°C - 250°C
    Sensor Length 22mm
    Sensor Diameter 6mm
    Material 304 Stainless Steel
    Cable Length 2 Meters