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Order online or call 1300 246 406.
Order online or call 1300 246 406.

Sectional Drain Cleaner Cable

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Spare cable to suit the Paddock range of sectional drain cleaners. Additional cable can be used to extend the depth the cutting tip can access in the drain or sewer and can also be used as a replacement to update worn out or damaged cable.

Drain cleaner cable extentions and reels

Sewer and Drain Cleaner Sectional Cable
  • Range of lengths and sizes of high quality sectional cable
  • Kits options on a reel also available
  • Compatible with Ridgid and Rothenbeger connectors
Sectional Drain Pipe Cleaner Shafts

Paddock only use high quality soft shafts in their sectional drain cleaners. Good quality shafts perform better by delivering flexibility without sacrificing mechanical strength. This can only be achieved with a well controlled heat treating process resulting in a shaft which can go deeper and further than lower cost alternatives.


30mm Shafts - Compatible with Ridgid Machines K-1500A, K-1500B (C-11)

22mm Shafts - Compatible with Ridgid Machine K-60SP (C-10)

16mm Shafts - Compatible with Ridgid Machines K-50, K-60SP (C-8)

Sectional Drain Cleaner Single Cable Extension


Note: the 30mm sectional coils use a ~5.5mm wire diameter which offers a good balance of flexibility and stiffness.