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Sherpa Recovery Pulley - Grey

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This is a genuine Sherpa friction pulley designed to be used with synthetic winch ropes to increase the power of your winch. Use as an alternative to traditional heavy snatch blocks / pulleys. Compatible with synthetic winch ropes in the 8-12mm size range.

Sherpa winch recovery rope pulley snatch block ring

Rope Pulley Ring

A ring pulley can be used to increase the winch's pulling power or redirect the winch line similar to a common snatch/pulley block. This style of pulley can only be used with synthetic winch ropes, not steel cable. It should be used in conjunction with a soft shackle.

The Sherpa rope pulley can be used to increase the pulling power from your winch. By double line pulling and incorporating a pulley ring, your winch can deliver greater overall pulling power. Rope rings are ideal for heavy load recoveries as it takes stress off the winch motor, meaning the motor can run cooler. Using a rope ring the winch recovery speed is halved however so is the load on the winch, meaning you can often winch heavier loads before reaching the limit of the winch.

The Sherpa recovery ring has undergone full stress modelling to ensure a design that's strong and safe to use. The rings are manufactured from a high grade 6061 aluminium and are then finished with a hard anodizing top coating. The material is extremely strong whilst being low weight. The hard anodizing finish is a necessity which ensures the ring lasts under high wear, temperature and stress situations. Beware of cheap knock offs that simply don't last and can fail when you need them.

The design of the Sherpa rope ring allows for use with ropes 8-12mm in diameter making it perfect for the Sherpa winch range. The rope's entry and exit from the ring has been carefully engineered to ensure smooth transition which is critical when working at high loads. These rings feature a larger inner opening making them compatible for use with most soft shackle brands on the market.

  • Lightweight precision CNC machined 6000 series aluminium
  • WLL 10,000kg or 22,000 pounds (97.9 KN)
  • Mil-A-8625 F Hard Anodized Surface
  • For Synthetic Rope Diameters 5/16 to 1/2 inch (8-12mm)
  • Large 120mm outside diameter with 37mm inner makes use with soft shackles simple