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Order online or call 1300 246 406

Pallet Jack Scale Setup

Scintex pallet jack scales come partially disassembled for ease of storage and shipping. Here contains simple instructions and a video tutorial on how best to set up the pallet scales. Assembly time should be less than 30 minutes.

Pallet jack scales lend themselves to a variety of applications and are particularly suited to weighing pallets in warehouse and distribution environments as well as factories and agricultural settings where produce or parts need to be accurately weighed.

The Scintex Pallet jack scales are simple to put together. It involves 3 bolts and a large pin all that come in the kit. Start by removing the cover from the wiring housing, this is held in by three bolts. In the base of the wiring housing there are three holes, place the bolts through these. You may find it easier to hold the housing upright to get the bolts to sit in.

Pull the wiring into the housing and bolt the housing down to the main frame. You will see the 3 bolt holes around where the wiring comes through the frame. Tighten with an Allen key. Compress the wiring into the housing and screw the front plate back on. Before adding the handle it is easiest if the trigger is pushed into the lowest position as it will allow for easier connection. Using the large pin, slide it through the hole in the handle. Push the chain through the hole in the middle of the pin, this will drop the bolt at the end down to its anchor point.

To attach the bolt, push the lever on the right hand side down while using your other hand to guide it into the anchor point. An extra hand to hold the handle straight up may be advantageous at this point. Spin the top nut down to ensure that the chain doesn’t come loose.
Once all is connected, push the split pins through the two holes and bend them to ensure they don’t come loose. By putting weight on the handle it will be possible to remove the travel pin. Once removed the pallet jack should function normally.

The final step is to attach the monitor. Attach and secure the mounting base on to the monitor. Place the monitor onto the scales and attach the leads. Secure the leads by tightening the screws with a small screw driver. Check the monitor turns on and then secure the leads. That is how fast and simple it is to get a set of Scintex pallet jack scale up and running. 

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