Paddock Machinery Heavy Duty Seed & Fertiliser Spreader October 24 2019

Paddock Machinery Heavy Duty Seed & Fertiliser Spreader

Cattle Scale Upgrades - Scintex Series X-1 October 06 2015

Cattle scale and weigh beamScintex Cattle weigh beams

Scintex in its ongoing commitment to the Australian cattle industry has brought out a raft of new developments for it's range of cattle scales and livestock weigh beams.

New Agricultural Products September 15 2015

The Agricultural range of products have been incredibly popular since their release 18 months ago. We have recently added a number of new products to the line-up to help expand this great product line.


Scintex “Mountain Goat” Motorized Wheelbarrow September 01 2015

The Mountain Goat motorized wheelbarrow, also known as a mini dumper or mini loader, has a huge range of applications. The optional barrow implements widen this further with the choice of blade plough, flat bed and tow ball. This review will look closer at the functions, accessories and barrow maintenance.

Muck Truck Wheelbarrow

Pallet Jack Scale Setup August 29 2015

Assembly and setup of Scintex Pallet Jack Scales. Quickly weigh and move pallets with these pallet weighing scales.

Pallet Jack Scales for warehouse logistics & shipping

How a Diff Works August 18 2015

How a Diff works.

Have you wondered how a differential works? Well this 1930s video is one of the best we have seen.

Scintex Machinery FAQ November 26 2014

If you have a few questions about Scintex machinery you have come to the right place. Have a read through the most frequently asked questions about our machinery and farm equipment.

Tow Behind Mower Slasher

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