Paddock Concrete Floor Grinder & Polisher November 20 2019

Concrete Floor Grinder & Polisher

These trade quality floor grinders are in the price range of a DIYer so you can say goodbye to the endless cycle of hiring. With a large range of concrete diamond disks supported this high work rate concrete grinder comes in two options - the 250mm grinder allowing grinding up to 1mm of walls and the 480mm grinder for larger concrete surface areas.

The grinders come with a massive 3HP motor and cooling fan, operate on 220-240V 50 HZ voltage and come standard with genuine Schneider electrics delivering a high quality product that’s built to last. Also included is a digital LCD display that shows load data in real time.

The Paddock Concrete Floor Grinder & Polisher will make light work of your next project weather it’s grinding, polishing, levelling, removing line markings or floor coatings or even sanding wooden floors.

We stock an extensive range of discs, grits, compounds and disc segments to ensure your next project delivers a smooth result.