Paddock Rough Cut Mower Slasher March 05 2020

All new Paddock heavy duty, tow behind rough cut mover slasher. Ideal for making new trails, mowing large areas/ acreage or clearing out shrubs and bushes. Standard with a large 44" cutting deck, hardened steel slasher blades and a 17.5hp electric start 4 Stroke petrol engine this unit will make light work of the tough jobs.


Paddock Machinery


Built tough for Australian conditions with 2 heavy duty swing hammer blades and a full 12 month warranty the unit can handle grass up to 1m high and shrubs/ bushes up to 2m high. It also allows for remote disengagement of the blades which is handy when hitting large rocks or logs during operation. View the product HERE

Paddock Rough Cut Mower Slasher