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Order online or call 1300 246 406.

Brass Foot Valve and Strainer

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When pumping from dams, pits, drains and other locations potentially full of debris it is always recommended to run a suction strainer. This unit also has a built in foot valve which aids in pump priming making your operation more reliable.

Pump Check Valve with Strainer

  • Ideal for a range of fluids including water, oils and diesel
  • Integrated foot valve prevents reverse flow aiding in pump priming
  • Protect your pump from debris such as rocks and sticks which can jam the impeller or gears
  • BSP threads make it easy to integrate with most piping and hose systems
  • Large 3mm screen stops larger solids without restricting fluid flow
  • NBR gasket material helps seal the reverse flow ensuring reliable operation
  • Use in irrigation, industrial, prospecting, rural farming applications
  • 12 Month Warranty

Install this foot valve with strainer on the end of your pumps suction hose before lowering it into your dam, sump or pit.

These pump suction foot valves with strainers are used for a number of reasons;

1. The weight of the brass valve helps to keep your suction line below the surface preventing air from being drawn into your pump. Without this weight many suction hoses will be buoyant and easily float to the surface and draw air. 

2. The integrated foot valve or back flow prevention stops the fluid from reverse flowing in the suction hose which ultimately helps the pump to restart and prime when needed. Without a foot valve or check valve, when the pump is turned off, the fluid will drain back along the suction hose to the source of supply, for example the dam. When the pump is next restarted the suction hose will be full of air and the pump priming process will need to be repeated to expel this air. Having a quality foot valve installed prevents this reverse flow and allows the pump to be started and stopped without time consuming priming steps.

3. The integrated strainer prevents larger debris from being drawn into the pump. With the suction hose below the liquid surface it's possible for sticks, leaves, rocks and other solid debris to be drawn into the pump via the suction line. The strainer prevents larger solids from entering without restricting the fluids flow.