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Order online or call 1300 246 406.

Pump Foot Valve and Strainer

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These quick release swing flap foot valves are ideal for fast restarting of pumps drawing from ponds, dams and creeks. Heavy duty construction and available in large sizes to suit high flow pumps.  

Pump NRV Quick Release Foot Valve


  • Faster pump starts with a liquid filled suction line
  • Galvaised steel construction is long lasting. 304SS option also available, price on request.
  • Quick release feature allows water to be dumped from the suction line by attaching and pulling a line attached to the release lever, ideal for when the line needs to be moved often
  • Protect your pump from debris such as rocks and sticks which can jam the impeller or gears
  • High quality construction ensures reliable operation
  • Use in irrigation, industrial, prospecting, rural farming applications
  • 12 Month Warranty

Optional hose barb to flange adaptor also available. Select the check boxes at the top of the page to add this to your order or click here for more information.

Hose barb to table D flange adaptor

The foot valve contains a flap which is lifted off its seat by the pumps suction. When the low pressure is no longer available, gravity or the reverse flow of water in the suction line will cause the disc to return to its seat, shutting the valve and preventing further reverse flow.

The main components to the foot valve are the body, flap, seat and strainer. The swing flap pivots freely on the hinge blocks. Its movement is restricted with stoppers which prevent damage to the inside walls of the valve. A durable EPDM rubber seal is fitted to the flap for reliable sealing and the flap assembly is a self leveling design to allow for wear within the seal. A quick release lever is fitted to the valve and can be remotely activated by a rope to release the water in the valve. This feature is important if the suction line is to be relocated as without this drain the line is extremely heavy, especially in the larger sizes.

Incorporating a pump suction foot valve with strainers into your pumping design will benefit you in the following ways;

1. The weight of the valve helps to keep the suction line below the surface preventing air from entering your pump. Without this weight many suction hoses will be buoyant and easily float to the surface and draw air causing your pump to loose prime. 

2. The integrated foot valve or back flow prevention stops the fluid from reverse flowing in the suction hose which ultimately helps the pump to restart and prime when needed. Without a foot valve or check valve, when the pump is turned off, the fluid will drain back along the suction hose to the source of supply, for example the dam. When the pump is next restarted the suction hose will be full of air and the pump priming process will need to be repeated to expel this air. Having a quality foot valve installed prevents this reverse flow and allows the pump to be started and stopped without time consuming priming steps.

3. The integrated strainer prevents larger debris from being drawn into the pump. With the suction hose below the liquid surface it's possible for sticks, leaves, rocks and other solid debris to be drawn into the pump via the suction line. The strainer prevents larger solids from entering without restricting the fluids flow. 

Specification Value
Available Sizes 3" - 12"
Construction Heavy Duty Galvanised Steel. 304SS also available, POA
Connection Flange - Table E type
Seat seal EPDM
Features Quick release leaver