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Order online or call 1300 246 406

Sherpa 4x4 9,500Lb Cable | Rope Winch

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The Sherpa 4x4 range of four wheel drive winches are great value for money. These are heavy duty, industrial quality, 4WD and truck winches. With increased load ratings they outperform the competition. The huge 6.0hp motors coupled with their 3 stage planetary gear boxes make them incredibly powerful. Available with a range of options such as lightweight synthetic rope or robust steel cable, oversized spools, 12/24V drives and even dual motors. Sherpa 4x4 uses genuine Albright solenoids on all their winches.

  • Available in 12 or 24 Volt
  • Genuine Albright solenoids
  • 28m drum
  • Fits all major bullbars
  • IP68 Rated

Sherpa Winches

'THE MUSTANG' Sherpa 4x4 9500Lb Winch

New features for the latest model

  • 316 stainless steel fittings and cross members
  • Genuine Albright Solenoid
  • Simple hoist style hand remote
  • Stylish yellow powder coat
  • IP68 rated
Why are Sherpa winches different to the competition?
  • Tried and Tested - These winches have been designed and built with many years experience in the winching and lifting business. These winches have been through many stages of testing and improvements to deliver a reliable product offered to Sherpa 4x4 customers. These winches have been witnessed to perform under water in the muddiest rainforests on the planet recovering laden trucks to safety. Sealed to water and mud ingress* they perform reliably in the toughest outback conditions.
  • Tough & Durable - The Mustang winch is designed to survive in all conditions, with 316 stainless steel fitting and cross beams this winch will stand up to all environments.
  • Braking Design - Beware of cheap imitations! Many winches on the market use a 'Brake in drum' design which causes heat to build up in the winch drum damaging synthetic rope. 'Brake in Drum' winches are low cost and not designed for synthetic rope, this will become obvious at the most inconvenient time. Also avoid 'Brake in Motor' hoist style winches, these brakes are not suited to extreme offroad 4x4 applications and are inferior to the Sherpa 4x4 design. Sherpa Winches are compatible with all types of synthetic rope as the brake is designed into the gearbox ensuring a long life and well lubricated design. This innovative design results in a trouble and heat free winching and braking combination. Any experienced winch operator will understand the importance of a strong, reliable winch brake, it's definitely not something you want to fail when you're perched precariously on the side of a hill.
  • Quality gearboxes - Other brands use sintered steel to make their gears. In this process heat and pressure is used to cast shapes from powdered steel. Sintered gears are no where near as strong as gears which are CNC cut from quality billet steel. Sherpa specify and demand the highest quality components for every step of the winch build meaning we can deliver stronger winches which last.  
  • Electrics - Sherpa 4x4 winches come standard with fully sealed, water tight, heavy duty, genuine Albright solenoids. The number one failure for winches is the solenoid so why use anything but the best. Sherpa only offer Albright solenoids across our complete range of winches because they work. Don't waste your time with imitations, demand the best. Sherpa winches are IP68 rated.
  • Powerful- Sherpa 4x4 winches come with massive series wound motors featuring higher amounts of copper in the winding's then others. By specifying the best motors across all our winches as a standard component, you are ensured a more durable winch motor which can withstand the extreme conditions winching brings. The fully engineer designed frame and gearbox results in incredible winching power. Why settle for 9,000lb when more pulling power is available. When other winches are stalling, the Sherpa 4x4 units are still loading up.
  • Simplicity - Sherpa winches are supplied with the parts and materials making installation easy for the home mechanic. Made to fit the common winch bars in Australia you'll be amazed how quickly it can be integrated into your set-up.
  • Fairleads - Depending on if you're after the synthetic rope or the steel cable, Sherpa will match the fairlead to your selection.
  • Warranty and Parts - Sherpa 4x4 offers a 5 Year warranty on the 9,500lb winches. We also keep a complete range of affordable spares to get you out of trouble if ever required.
Albright Winch Solenoids
Genuine Albright Solenoids

All Sherpa 4x4 winches come with genuine Albright solenoids! Incorporated into our electrics is a custom made version of the DC88P solenoid designed specifically by Albright International for the Sherpa 4x4 control boxes. With 70 years experienced in contactor design, these are by far the best winch solenoids available. Capable of handling up to 800 amps, almost twice the maximum capacity of the winch. Contact plating is second to none, increasing the duty cycle over other winches. As seen in our water submersion testing videos the Albright solenoids can be run for significant time under water without moisture ingress. The cheap Chinese solenoids used in the majority of winches will fail under extreme conditions and under high amperage load.

What is included in the Sherpa winch kits:

Sherpa winches are supplied as a kit with all the items required for a standard winch installation. See the images here showing the parts included for synthetic rope and steel cable models.

 Sherpa 4WD Winch Parts Synthetic Rope Sherpa 4WD Winch Parts Steel Cable
Synthetic Rope Models Steel Cable Models


-Winch (fitted with either synthetic rope or steel cable as per your choice)

-Aluminium hawse or roller fairlead (synthetic rope winches will have an aluminium hawse, steel cable winches will come with a roller fairlead)

-Control box with internal Albright solenoid

-Wired hand remote (wireless remotes are an optional extra)

-All cabling (5 cables are already incorporated into the control box, a separate earth cable is provided)

-Winch hook with strap

-Winch and control box mounting bolts

-Control box mounting brackets (In most cases the control box is flush mounted to the bulbar using bolts internal to the control box housing and DOES NOT require a bracket. See the winch manual on the Sherpa Data Sheets page for instructions on mounting. The brackets included allow you to mount the control box directly on top of the winch by attaching to the winch cross members).

Optional & Recommended Extras:

Sherpa provides a range of optional and recommended extras you may want to consider when buying a winch. You can order these using the tick box options near the 'Add to Cart' button. For full details on each item. See the Sherpa 4WD Accessories page.

Sherpa highly recommends the use of a winch dampener with all winches but it is essential with steel cable winches. It is best practice to use a battery isolation switch. This will make sure that nobody can interfere with your winch by crossing terminals on your winch or control box. This will also prevent shorting / sparking if the positive power cable were to be crushed and earthed in a collision.

Specifications Value
Rated Line Pull 9,500lb (4,320kg)
Motor 6.0hp series wound (12V or 24V options)
Gear reduction ratio 246:1 3 stage planetary gearbox

9mm synthetic rope

8.2mm steel cable 

Mounting Bolt Diameter 11.2mm
Drum Size (Dia x Length) 64mm x 224mm
Mounting Bolt Pattern 254mm x 114.3mm
Overall Dimensions See winch dimensions chart
Weight See winch weight chart
Clutch 180 degree turn, free spooling, slide ring gear
Brake Automatic in gearbox
Solenoid Albright International Heavy Duty 800 amp
Duty Cycle Intermittent
Fairlead Cable (4 way roller fair lead)  |  Rope (polished aluminium hawse)
Battery Leads 1.8m long
Hand Remote Lead 3.5m long
Water Ingress Rating IP68
Warranty 5 Years

Performance Data for 12V Version
Line Pull (Lb) Line Speed (m/min) Motor Current (A)
0 8.9 80
1,500 4.5 155
3,000 3.9 185
6,000 3.1 280
8,000 2.8 350
9,500 2.3 400
Performance Data for 24V Version
Line Pull (Lb) Line Speed (m/min) Motor Current (A)
0 10.5 45
1,500 6.3 80
3,000 4.9 100
6,000 4.3 130
8,000 3.7 170
9,500 3.2 200

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Great Little Winch

I brought this winch for my little Suzuki Vitara and could not have been happier. From purchase to install everything was easy and the price was on point. Highly recommend!!!

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Great Little Winch

I brought this winch for my little Suzuki Vitara and could not have been happier. From purchase to install everything was easy and the price was on point. Highly recommend!!!