Paddock Machinery Heavy Duty Seed & Fertiliser Spreader October 24 2019

Seed & Fertiliser Spreader

This upgraded heavy duty seed and fertiliser spreader comes with a strong steel hopper (capacity 160L) and oil filled gearbox. Ideal for seed and fertiliser spreading (width over 6m) where a PTO tractor spreader is not available.

The handle connected to the slide on the hopper allows easy control over the rate of distribution especially when dealing with finer additives such as lime and sand.

The 50mm tow ball allows easy hitch to quad bikes, ATV’s and farm utilities and is mounted on an adjustable length shaft allowing use on a variety of vehicles and machines.

The Paddock Heavy Duty Seed and Fertiliser Spreader is a must for anyone needing to spread on paddocks, fields, lawns, acreages and even golf courses.