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Scintex Rechargeable Power Sprayer

The Scintex Rechargeable backpack sprayer is a great addition to your gardening arsenal aiding in spraying weeds, fertilising and applying pesticides or insecticides. These high quality professional units are suitable for the home handyman or commercial operators and those alike.

 Scintex Rechargeable backpack power sprayer

Rechargeable Power Sprayer Features

The Backpack Sprayer has a large range of features that make its use simple, comfortable and hassle free. The most important is that of the battery, the 6V lithium-ion battery is lightweight, long lasting and is fast to recharge. The battery provides up to 3 hours of continuous operation which is more than enough for most commercial operators on a daily basis.

Padded Straps and lumbar support for Scintex Power Sprayer

Spraying for extended periods requires a comfortable and ergonomically designed unit. The Scintex sprayer has been developed to achieve this and incorporates padded, adjustable straps combined with a padded lumbar support. The package is lightweight at only 4kg unloaded making it comfortable for hours of use. The spray wand features an ergonomic hand grip, a moulded trigger and an easy to use trigger lock.

The 20 Litre chemical tank allows you to spray a vast areas without having to refill the tank. The tank is designed to be chemically resistant allowing it to be suitable to most herbicides, pesticides, insecticides and fertilisers as well as lubricating oils and degreasers.

Scintex Rechargeable Power Sprayer inline filter

The Rechargeable Power Sprayer has 3 layers of strainer and filters built in to prevent blockages and ensure reliable operation. The Staining basket inside the wide lid is the first line of defence, stopping large solids entering. The intake hose also has a strainer to help protect the pump from unwanted contaminants. Finally the handle of the sprayer contains a cleanable filter ensuring large particles don’t block the spray nozzle.

The multi pressure pump is an important feature for the sprayer. The 6V diaphragm pump is a reliable and well proven pump ideally suited to chemicals. This particular pump allows more finite control over your dispersion of additive. A high and a low pressure mode allows for spraying at either 40psi and 1.4 Lpm or 69psi and up to 2.6 Lpm. The adjustable nozzle tips provide further adjustment of flow and spray pattern.

Uses for the Rechargeable Power Sprayer

Commercial Spraying with Scintex Rechargeable Power Sprayer

The Sintex Rechargeable Power Sprayer is perfect for a wide range of uses including spraying of liquid fertilisers, herbicides, pesticides and insecticides. This sprayer makes it easy for land owners or commercial operators to apply these treatments in next to no time. Highly portable and simple to you, this is a handy unit to have around.

This sprayer is also perfect for larger orchids, gardens and crop plantations where small amounts of spot spraying or localised treatment is required. The Scintex Rechargeable Power Sprayer will make light work of these sorts of tasks.

Scintex Rechargeable Power Sprayer spot fires back-burning

Another very popular use for this style of sprayer is for that of back-burning. The Rechargeable Power Sprayer is ideal for putting out spot fires that occur during the back-burning process. The wide spray pattern combined with the high volume of water allows you to effectively control runaway flames. It is also a very beneficial item for after back-burning or a fire has come through the area. The sprayer can be used for putting out smouldering fence posts, trees and other large timber items that may otherwise continue to burn.

The Scintex Rechargeable Power Sprayer is the perfect addition to your arsenal of garden care products.

For Further information on the Scintex Sprayer please see the product page or call one of our knowledgeable staff on 07 3137 0135


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