Scintex Rechargeable Power Sprayer April 07 2016

The Scintex Rechargable Power Sprayer is the perfect backpack sprayer for all of your garden care, be it an orchid, commercial nursery, a few acres of land or to clean up your office.

 Backpack Rechargeable Power Sprayer - Scintex

The latest options in industrial pest control. March 17 2016

The vast array of mosquito fogging equipment that is carried by scintex has now grown to include much larger industrial options.

Pest Control Fogger


Scintex Submersible Pumps March 01 2016

Submersible pumps come in all shapes and sizes and the range at Scintex is no different. This article takes a look at the different options available.

Scintex Submersible pumps

Burgess Mosquito Foggers February 18 2016

The latest addition to the range of foggers from Scintex is the US made Burgess foggers. Find out about the first two options here...

Burgess Mosquito foggers

New Agricultural Products September 15 2015

The Agricultural range of products have been incredibly popular since their release 18 months ago. We have recently added a number of new products to the line-up to help expand this great product line.


Scintex “Mountain Goat” Motorized Wheelbarrow September 01 2015

The Mountain Goat motorized wheelbarrow, also known as a mini dumper or mini loader, has a huge range of applications. The optional barrow implements widen this further with the choice of blade plough, flat bed and tow ball. This review will look closer at the functions, accessories and barrow maintenance.

Muck Truck Wheelbarrow

Scintex Ear Tag Reader August 18 2015

Scintex Ear Tag Reader demonstration video. Capable of reading RFID NLIS ear tags and bolus tags. Ideal for all graziers and cattle farmers. Can be used in cattle yards, sale yards, weigh points and abattoirs.

 rfid nlis tag reader for scanning

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