Scintex Rechargeable Power Sprayer April 07 2016

The Scintex Rechargable Power Sprayer is the perfect backpack sprayer for all of your garden care, be it an orchid, commercial nursery, a few acres of land or to clean up your office.

 Backpack Rechargeable Power Sprayer - Scintex

The latest options in industrial pest control. March 17 2016

The vast array of mosquito fogging equipment that is carried by scintex has now grown to include much larger industrial options.

Pest Control Fogger


Burgess Mosquito Foggers February 18 2016

The latest addition to the range of foggers from Scintex is the US made Burgess foggers. Find out about the first two options here...

Burgess Mosquito foggers

Choose the right mozzie fogger for you! November 10 2014

With summer and mozzie season upon us again it is the time of year to seriously consider the purchase of a Fog Off Mozzie Mosquito Fogger. There are a number of options that are available to you, so which one do you need?

Petrol Insect Fogger

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