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Scintex Submersible Pumps

Scintex Submersible Pumps


There are a number of pump options available in the Scintex range of submersible pumps and this allows us to cater for a wide range of applications. This article will take a look at the different pump options available and which one is most suitable for your application.

Stainless Steel Centrifugal Submersible Pump

Scintex Stainless Steel Submersible Centrifugal pump

This is the smallest pump in the Scintex submersible pump range. As with all of the pumps this pump is a 240V pump with a continuous duty cycle. This pump has a number of key features;

Low intake – The water intake is only 45mm from the bottom of the pump meaning that the pump is ideal for dealing with wide bodies of water

95lpm – This offers a fast and efficient flow rate to move small to medium quantities of water, be it for irrigation, assisting with storm water or localised flooding

5m head – Allowing you to pump water up to 5m above the height of the pump, making it great as an in-tank pump

Integrated Float Switch – This float switch allows for the pump to activate when it hits a certain amount of water and continues to pump until it hits a lower point.


Industrial site submersible Pump

Industrial Site Drainage pump

While not exclusively for industrial sites this particular pump is very popular as a portable site drainage pump. The pump is the right balance of weight Vs. flow rate. A number of key features make it ideal for many applications;

Flow Rate – This pump has a peak flow rate of 300lpm, allowing it to move large amounts of water in next to no time.

Light Weight – At just 12Kg this is a lightweight and easily portable pump option suitable for a range of applications.

Vortex Impeller – This impeller suspends sediment in the water to help reduce the chance of blockages and helps move dirty water through the pump.


Dirty Water High Flow Submersible Pump

Scintex Dirty Water high flow submersible pump

This pump is the largest submersible pump in the Scintex range. This 1500W 240v pump can move huge quantities in next to no time. This makes it ideal for pumping out large bodies of water such as dams and large tanks.

Flow Rate – With a whopping 700lpm flow rate this pump can pump out a 30,000 Litre tank in less than an hour.

Heavy Duty Construction – Stainless Steel Motor Casing, Tungsten Alloy Impeller and Silicon Carbide Seals are all components that make this a quality and reliable pump.


For more information on any of the pumps above be sure to click on the image to go to the product information page.

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