The latest options in industrial pest control. March 17 2016

The vast array of mosquito fogging equipment that is carried by scintex has now grown to include much larger industrial options.

Pest Control Fogger


Scintex Submersible Pumps March 01 2016

Submersible pumps come in all shapes and sizes and the range at Scintex is no different. This article takes a look at the different options available.

Scintex Submersible pumps

Burgess Mosquito Foggers February 18 2016

The latest addition to the range of foggers from Scintex is the US made Burgess foggers. Find out about the first two options here...

Burgess Mosquito foggers

Operation Guide for Butane Insect Foggers August 29 2015

Here we take a look at the proper operation of a thermal, butane powered, insect fogger. Thermal foggers which rely on a heated coil to make a smoke or fog are prone to blockages and carbon build up if not used and serviced correctly.

Insect Fogger

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