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Order online or call 1300 246 406

The latest options in industrial pest control.

The Fog Off Mozzie range of mosquito foggers has been a popular option for mosquito and pest control since 2006. This newest range of foggers helps increase the capability of dealing with large scale mosquito fogging and pest control operations be it warehouses, acreage or orchids, just to name a few.

240V Electric ULV Fogger

Scintex 240V ULD fogger

This fogger is perfect for covering large open areas fast and effectively. The ULV Fogger offers a range of features;

Spray Range – With a 12m spray range this fogger and mister allows for fast coverage and less walking.

Output – The ULV fogger is capable of discharging up 60 L/hr of chemical and fluid mix.

Variable Particle Size – Depending on the conditions the particle size can be varied between 5 – 50 micron to allow deep penetration into hard to reach places

Lightweight – At a mere 5Kg, empty, this fogger is easily portable and manoeuvrable around your yard, acreage


Stainless Steel Industrial Fogger

Stainless Steel Industrial thermal fogger

The Professional series Stainless Steel Industrial Fogger offers a range of additional automation over our standard Industrial Fogger. This fogger is easy to start and is perfect for commercial applications and for covering large areas regularly. This model features;

Heavy Duty Construction – Constructed almost entirely of stainless steel this fogger will hold up against wear and tear and offer a lifetime of use.

Output – The Stainless Steel Industrial Fogger can consume up to 50 L/hr of chemical, creating large, dense clouds of fog.

Portable – Weighing in at 10Kg this fogger comes with a shoulder strap making it easy to oporate. It is a popular option for councils and land management groups


Vehicle Mounted Fogger

Vehicle mounted Thermal Fogger

This thermal fogger is one of the largest foggers available in Australia. The ease of use when mounted on a vehicle means that it is ideal for fogging large areas of crops, orchids or other bushland. It has a long list of features, including;

Output – This fogger can put out up to 300lph of chemical mix. Meaning you can fog vast areas in no time.

Remote – The Vehicle Mounted fogger has a remote control system so that the fogger can be controlled from the vehicles driving position, controlling both the left and right resonator individually. The remote is supplied with a 4.5m lead, allowing you to easily control it from inside the vehicle

Efficient – As this fogger is vehicle mounted it has a 150L chemical tank, allowing you to work for hours without needing to top up

Simple – This fogger is simple and easy to use. From the quick release chemical tanks to the removable leads and the easy to access internal components.


For further information on any of the foggers in the range or for advise on which fogger is most suitable for you please don’t hesitate to contact the scintex team. or call 07 3137 0135

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