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Order online or call 1300 246 406.

Drain Cleaner Cutters

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Key to success when using a drain cleaner is having good quality and sharp tools and cutters. Paddock can offer a range of accessories to upgrade or replace your drain cleaner tips.  

Drain Sewer Cleaner Cutting Heads Cutters

Sewer and Drain Cleaner Cutters and Tools
  • Tools to suit 16mm, 22mm, 30mm shafts and Rodder cleaners
  • Quality tools ensure faster operation and reduced load on your equipment
  • Range of tools for different tasks
  • Compatible with Ridgid and Rothenbeger connectors
16mm Cutter Set - 4 Pieces

This 4 piece tool set is ideal for drain cleaners running 16mm flexible shafts. Kit includes a grease cutter, retrieving auger, bulb auger and a saw tooth cutter blade.

Drum Drain Cleaner Cutting Heads and Blades

30mm Cutters

Ideal for our sectional drain cleaning machines.

Sectional Drain Cleaner Cutting Heads Blades Teeth Set

Rodder Cutter Set - 4 Pieces

Suits Rodder type drain cleaners and includes a straight auger, retrieving auger, spade cutter and saw-tooth cutter.

Rodder Drain Cleaner Cutter Head Set

About the different tools

Straight Augers - Used to detect and clear blockages. Usually in the first working stages.

Bulb Auger - Using in complex piping networks usually with soft shafts.Able to clear blockages.

Funnel Auger - Used in second stage cleaning. Good for removing blockages on the inner surface of pipes after a straight helical drill has been through.

Retrieving Auger - Used to retrieve soft shafts or drills left in pipes. Will also clean pipes blocked with materials or similar.

Grease Cutter - Cleans grease and other deposits in pipes.

Sawtooth Cutter - ideal for cleaning tree roots or grease from the wall of pipes.

C Cutter - Good for unusual items such as soap deposits and also works well for grease.