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Order online or call 1300 246 406.
Order online or call 1300 246 406.


4WD Air Compressors

At Scintex we supply only the best, as we understand that when push comes to shove in the outback the last of your worries should be faulty equipment. Therefore we source only from reliable brands such as Sherpa Big Air and hand picked by Scintex for quality control assurance with more budget-friendly 12v/24v air compressor OEM alternatives. 

Our flagship air compressor is the Sherpa Big Air DC air compressor. This heavy duty, portable unit is perfect for 4wd enthusiasts who can appreciate faster inflation speeds which an electric motor can deliver. It can also be used for large trucks requiring high volumes of air or even used for running air tools in industrial applications.

The Sherpa Big Air is available in a 12V or 24V option and allows simple integration into onboard air systems. If you want a reliable, high performance air compressor thats made to last - look no further than the Sherpa Big Air.

Our collection also includes an onboard air compressor which is great for mounting into tight spaces on your 4wd. High quality, industrial grade units available in 12V and 24V options and delivering a 100% duty cycle and high discharge pressure.

To compliment the collection we also stock replacement air compressor tanks, sealed pressure switches and a 3 piece 1/4" plug kit so replacement parts are covered.

Our air compressors are of the highest quality with distribution of the the units now covering overseas markets such as the US and Canada.