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Order online or call 1300 246 406.
Order online or call 1300 246 406.


12V or 24V AdBlue Pumps

Scintex are the AdBlue pump specialists with in house engineers to supply a pumping system suitable for your requirements. Our collection of 12V and 24V AdBlue pumps includes the AdBlue DC electric transfer pump to suit 3/4" hosing which is easy to install with threaded hose tail fittings. Suitable for all DEF's and urea fluids like AUS32 and AdBlue. Available in 12V and 24V options units are run off a battery through supplied alligator clips or can be hardwired.

We also stock the AdBlue DC electric transfer pump kit which includes all hoses, fittings, nozzle and power leads that's perfect for transferring AdBlue, AUS32 and urea solutions and is also available in 12V or 24V options.

Additionally the collection includes a AdBlue drum pump with dual power supply for 12V clips or 124V mains connection. Great for trucking, automotive industries, farming and more. 

The final product in the collection is the DC chemical transfer pump which is a small, compact unit great for the unloading of chemical liquid transfers, totes or drums of AdBlue, diesel exhaust fluids, detergents, soaps, acids and alkalis. 12V and 24V options the units have a smooth operation, deliver good flow and are amazing value for money.